Post Codes with Charging Points near by in PA80

We have found a lot of charging points over 13,000 in the UK, and our database is always expanding. Most postcodes have a charging point within 10 miles. Here is a list of postcodes with Charging Points near by in PA80.

If your post code is not listed here try searching by location or typing your postcode here.

What are car charging points or stations?

A car charging station or other wise know as a EV Charging Station, is a machine that is used to charge vehicles that use a battery. These car charging points can be used to charge a full electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Most charge points are "plug-in and play".

These Car Charging points are usually located at shopping center, parking spaces and sometimes restaurants. As electric cars are becoming more and more popular there are also car charging stations in office car parks.

To charge a car at home it usually costs around £8.40 for a full charge of a 60kWh Battery. Many public charging stations that are at supermarkets or car parks are free while you stay. Rapid charging points are often available at motorway service stations and cost around £6.50 for a 30 minute 30kWh charge.